Release Guide - June 2016

Release Guide - June 2016


Release Highlights

  • Use New Home Screen Layouts
    Use one of the new home screen layouts: Borderless 1, Borderless 2 or Cool

  • Use a New Location Screen Layout
    The new location layout, Basic Location Plus, features the location image, call and navigate buttons (on the image itself), a description and three custom tiles.

  • Deactivate Assets & Club Deals
    Deactivate assets (gifts, punch cards and prepaid cards) and club deals that you don’t want members to use.

  • New SMS Provider – Kangaroo
    A new SMS provider that operates in Russia, Kangaroo, was added to the list of SMS provider in Operation > Business Backend.

  • New & Improved Registration API
    Allow businesses to register new members and update member details using the new registration API, by directly integrating with our servers. For example, the API can be used to integrate registration from the POS or from an external website. 

  • Splash Screen – Removed the App & Binary Versions
    App and binary versions were removed from splash screens. However, they can still be viewed by tapping the top of the splash screen while the app is loading. 

  • General Forms – Time Answer Type
    Add a field to your general form that allows members to specify a time. For example, you can allow members to select the time in a form used to book a reservation or appointment.

  • Improved Time Displays in the Como Hub
    Times are displayed according to different time zones in the Como Hub, depending on whether the action is related to members or to the Como Hub.

  • Removed the Rotation for Single Welcome Messages
    When only one welcome message is added in the Como Hub, it’s displayed as a static image instead of a rotating banner in the app. 

  • Display ID Codes Using Barcodes
    ID codes are temporary 4-digit codes that members can generate from their app in order to identify. These codes can be displayed as numeric codes, QR codes, or barcodes. 
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