Button - Open In-App Message

You can allow an app button, tile or welcome message to open an In-App message when tapped. This can be useful if you want to add an explanation for a screen or action and then link to the screen/action from the pop-up message button itself. For example, create an In-App that opens when a member opens the app to let him know about a new asset he received.

When creating In-App:

  • Mark the app actions that can trigger message to open
  • Add the title and message text for the In-App message.
  • Select a button action for the right button (if not, only a "close" button will show).
  • Add the button text for the right button (the left button is Close).
  • Choose how many days to cancel the message if not triggered. 
  • Mark the box if you want to save the message to the member app inbox. 



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