Button - Trigger Action (Claim)

The trigger button (claim) can be added to any app button, tile or welcome message. When tapped, it can trigger any rule you specify. 

Claim Example

A grocery store wants to provide members with coupons for one-time use. However, they don't want to send them all out as gifts since each member may only be interested in some of the coupons. Instead, they create a catalog of coupons, where each item has a "claim" button. When a member taps Claim, a rule is triggered that sends them this specific coupon as a gift. Then the member can redeem this coupon in the store.

Tag Example

You can also use the trigger button as an internal "like" button, and tag the member based on the items they like. For example, when the member taps Like for a specific type of item (like shoes) or a specific item (like beer), you can tag them with a tag associated with the items. Then later you can send them tailored promotions based on the items they like (such as coupons for shoes or beer).

Specify Your Trigger Button

You can have multiple trigger buttons in the app and for each button, you can trigger different rules when its tapped. To do this, you need to be able to identify which trigger button was tapped. For example, if a coupon is created for beer, we need to know that the member tapped Claim on the beer coupon in order to send them the beer gift.

To specify your trigger button, you need to associate it with a particular item, asset or tag. Then when you create the rule based on when member taps "claim" button (trigger button), you can add a condition that specifies which item, asset or tag is associated with this button.

Add Trigger Buttons

Add the trigger action to any button, tile or welcome message.

To set up a trigger (claim) button:

  1. Select Trigger Action (or Claim) as the button action.
  2. Select an item, select an asset or enter a tag to associate with this button. 

    : Specify the same item, asset or tag in the conditions of the automation.

  3. Select whether or not to send a pop-up message when the member taps the button. If you select Yes, add a title and message text for the pop-up message.


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