Customize App Text

Customize any of your app text, including headers, screen titles, etc. The changes only apply to one specific app.

Some Important Notes:

  • Avoid quotation marks ("), ampersand (&) and percent sign (%).
  • Do not change any text parameters that appear as follows: #text# #$text# %$text% %text% <text> {{text}}. You can change the text before or after these parameters but not the parameter itself.

To customize app text:

  1. From the Operation tab, click App Text.

  2. Under Search for a Text, search for the current text you'd like to change. 

  3. If there are multiple relevant search results, find the desired text.

    • The String Code is the app text's code and Default Text is the system's default text value. 
    • If you can't figure out which text to change, ask us for help.
    • If your search did not yield any results, the text might be built-in and not editable through App Text.

  4. Enter the new text in the upper line of the text frame and click Save.

  5. When finished editing, click Publish to publish the new text.

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