App Settings

App Settings defines general settings for your app, and settings related to member identification and registration. It can be found in the Operation tab, under Settings.


General Settings

Field Description
Application's Language Select the language for your app, used to display all the default app text.
Country Code This country code will be associated with the member's phone number. 
Business Time Zone All member related actions in the app are presented according to this time zone. For more on time displays, click here.
Date Format Select the date format (dd/MM/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy) for date displays in the Como Hub and in the app.
Time Format Select whether AM/PM or 24-hour format is used in the app itself. The Como Hub displays time in the 24-hour format. 
App Store ID Used for the Rate the App button to allow members to rate the app on the Apple App Store
External Reference ID SalesForce contains a button with a link to the app creation wizard. When an app is created this way, the SalesForce business ID is automatically added to this field.

Member Identification & Registration

Field Description
Membership Fields Provides a list of all possible fields that can be chosen as unique fields.
  • To add unique fields, select the field from Membership Fields and click 
  • To remove unique fields, select the field from Unique Fields and click 
Unique Fields Unique fields are used to uniquely identify members in the system. In other words, no two members can register with the same value for a unique field. 
Fields for POS Identification Members can only identify at the POS with these fields. Note: The API only allows identification using phone number, gov ID, club member ID or ID code. 
  • To add identifier fields, select the field from Unique Fields and click 
  • To remove identifier fields, select the field from Fields for POS Identification and click 
Login Validation Type (Existing Members)  Select which method is used to validate the identity of a member that wants to login to the app as an existing member. Note: Members need to login to the app if they were logged out or if they want to login from another device.  
Redeem Code Display Select to display redeem codes as numeric codes, QR codes or barcodes. 
ID Code Expiration Time How long after the member generates an ID code from their app that they can use the code to identify at the POS 
Registration required to view app? If you select Yes, when members open the app, they'll be required to register (or login) to continue.

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