Point/Credit Settings

Point and credit settings are configured from Operation > Settings > Point/Credit Settings. For example, you can define various payment settings.

General Settings

Field Description
Purchase Item from Point Shop Whether credit or points are used to buy items from the Point Shop
Allow Negative Point Balance When a purchase is refunded, the points accumulated for this purchase are taken back. If the member doesn’t have enough points to return, you can allow their point balance to be negative. For example, suppose a member has 10 points and they need to return 20. If you select Yes, their balance will be -10 points. If you select No, their balance will be 0. 
Point Display Options If you select to display currency using decimals, select whether or not to display the decimal part of the currency. For example, $10.50 can be displayed as 10.50 (2 decimal places) or 10 (0 decimal places).
Submit Purchase Whether credit or points are accumulated based on purchases
Show Currency with Decimal* Select whether to display currency using no decimals (e.g. cents) or using decimals (e.g. dollars). For example, $10.50 can be displayed as 1050 (no decimals) or as 10.50 (decimals).

Note: This setting is relevant for interpreting logs that show purchase amounts and for the settings related to point accumulation. For example, suppose the multiplier is 1 and the purchase amount is $10.
  • If the purchase is displayed with no decimals, 1000 points are accumulated.
  • If the purchase is display with decimals, 10 points are accumulated.

* This setting is not visible or relevant for most businesses (which will work with decimals).




POS Payment Verification


Field Description
Quick Pay Wallet (No Verification Code)

Specify if to use Zooz (Credit Card) for the Quick Pay feature. This allows members to pay at the POS using Zooz without a verification code when they identify with the temporary ID code from their app (appClientId or temporaryToken). By default, payment without a verification code is taken from the member's point/credit balance.

Payment Requires Verification Code To require members to provide a verification code at the POS to pay with points/credit, select Yes
Payment Verification Code Expiration How long after the member generates or receives a verification code that the code can be entered into the POS to authorize their payment by points/credit, or credit card (Zooz)
Allow Auto-SMS Verification To automatically send a verification code by SMS to a member that asks to pay with points/credit at the POS, select Yes.
Member Verification Requires PIN? Select whether or not members are required to enter their PIN code in order to generate a verification code for credit payments.

Note: This is currently NOT supported.



Payment Settings

Field Description
Pay with Credit Whether credit or points are used to pay for a purchase in the business
Payment Method For each Como payment type (such as points, in-app credit card, etc.), you can specify if the payment should be applied by the POS as a discount, mean of payment, or either (Mean of payment/discount).

Note: This applies only to API 4.0. Learn more.
Allow partial payment

Whether or not to allow partial payments.
Note: Disallowing them will prevent members from paying with their points/credit/gift card if they don't have enough in their balance to cover the whole bill.

Pay with Credit Ratio How much credit is used to pay for each unit of currency.
Pay with Credit ratio = (cost in credit)/(cost in currency)
Pay with Credit - Min. Amount Smallest amount a member can use from their credit for each payment
Pay with Credit - Max Amount Largest amount a member can use from their credit for each payment





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