Receive Credit or Points

Members can accumulate or buy points or credit, or it can be added.

Note: This article refers to credit payments but also applies to point payments at the POS.

Accumulate Credit 

Based on their purchases, members can accumulate credit using a rule. For example, for every $1 they spend in the business, they can accumulate $0.10 to their credit.


Buy Credit 

Members can purchase credit directly at the POS or through the app using their PayPal account or credit card. Once a member purchases the credit, it can be added to their balance using a rule.

To allow members to buy credit through the app: Top-Up: load credit

To add credit purchased through the app or POS:

  1. Create an item code in the POS for each credit amount.
  2. Create a rule to add credit when a member makes a purchase containing the credit item code.



Add Credit

Credit can be added to a member’s balance using a rule or one time action. For example, you can add credit to a member’s balance as a joining gift.



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