Receive Credit or Points

Members can accumulate or buy points or credit, or it can be added.

Note: This article refers to credit payments but also applies to point payments at the POS.

Accumulate Credit 

Based on their purchases, members can accumulate credit using an accumulation automation. For example, for every $1 they spend in the business, they can accumulate $0.10 to their credit.

To set up an accumulation automation for credit, select for the Accumulation Type either:

Buy Credit 

Members can purchase credit directly at the POS or through the app using their PayPal account or credit card. Once a member purchases the credit, it can be added to their balance using an automation.

To allow members to buy credit through the app:

  1. Add the business’ PayPal or Zooz account (OperationSettings > External Services).
  2. Create a catalog item for a specific credit amount.
    Note: A catalog item must be created for each credit amount that members can buy.
  3. Add the in-app payment option to this catalog item by selecting Pay with Online Service n App for a button action.

To add credit purchased through the app or POS:

  1. Create an item code in the POS for each credit amount.
  2. Create an automation to add credit when a member makes a purchase containing the credit item code.


Add Credit

Credit can be added to a member’s balance using an automation or manually from Filter Members. For example, you can add credit to a member’s balance as a joining gift.

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