Secure Credit or Point Payments

For businesses that have a POS integration, you can secure credit/point transactions by requiring members to perform additional steps to verify their identity.

Note: This article refers to credit payments but also applies to point payments at the POS.

Without Verification

If you choose not to use a verification method, member will only need to identify at the POS before paying with credit. To prevent members from identifying using another member’s info, we recommend asking members to identify by generating a 4-digit ID code from the app.

Using Verification Codes

You can require members to provide a verification code at the POS to pay with credit. You can either send them this code by SMS after they identify or allow them to generate it themselves from their app.

Note: If you select Points/Credit for your Quick Pay wallet (see image below), a verification code is not required only if the member identifies using a 4-digit ID code (temporary code generated from their app).

To set up verification codes:

  1. From Operation > Settings > Point/Credit Settings:
    • Select Yes for Payment Requires Verification Code.
    • Add the Payment Verification Code Expiration (for how long after the member receives the code that it can be used).
    • To send verification codes by SMS, select Yes for Allow Auto-SMS Verification.


  2. To allow members to generate a verification code:
    Create a layout block with a Pay with Points/Credit at POS. Then add this layout block to a custom screen.




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