View Member Actions

Export data on the actions your members performed within a certain period of time. The exported file presents:

  • Specific parameters associated with the action you choose
  • Membership key, user key and name of the member who performed it
  • Time and date the action occurred

For example, data for occurrences of opening the app include the device's operating system (such as Android or iOS), operating system version and specific model. On the other hand, data on redeeming an asset include which asset was redeemed and how it was redeemed (which employee or if POS integration was used).

Note: Viewing the data by action from Member Actions shows details of each action individually. On the other hand, viewing the data by member (from Filter Members) displays data on the member and doesn't indicate how many times the action was performed by each member. 


To view member actions:

  1. From the Data & BI tab, click Member Actions.

  2. Select an action and the period of time the action occurred. Then click Search.

  3. Under Reports, click Download next to the corresponding report created.


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