Review Receipts

Review receipts that members submitted through the app to accumulate points for their purchases. You can view the image of each receipt, the purchase amount, comments added by the member, and the member's profile. You can also add your own comments to the receipt for internal use, such as adding the rejection reason for receipts that were rejected. You can select to automatically approve receipts, or approve or reject each receipt manually.

To review receipts:

  1. From the Data & BI tab, click Review Receipts.

  2. To automatically approve receipts that are submitted, select Yes for Auto-approve Receipts?.

  3. To customize how many receipts are shown per page, enter the number under View per Page and click Refresh.

  4. View receipt details:

    Field Description
    ID Receipt ID generated by our system
    Total Total purchase amount submitted by the member (unless it was edited through the Como Hub)
    Creation Date Date and time the receipt was submitted
    Click to view the member's profile
    Click to view the image of the receipt submitted by the member
    Status If the receipt was already reviewed, it displays either Approved or Rejected. If it hasn't yet been reviewed, click Approve or Reject to update the receipt status.
    Member's Notes Comments submitted by the member along with the receipt
    Business's Notes Internal comments added through the Como Hub (such as the rejection reason if the receipt was rejected)

  5. Edit the receipt total, add notes or update the status (click Approve or Reject) if the receipt hasn't yet been reviewed. 
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