Release Guide - July 2016

Release Guide - July 2016


Release Highlights:

  • Updated Email Address for App Feedback & Forms
    To reflect the Como brand, the domain of our customer contact email address was changed from to 

  • Improved Wallet Screen UI
    The Wallet screen displays a member’s credit balance, along with a Refresh button (to update the balance) and another three custom tiles. The first custom tile appears as another button (with your custom text), while the other two tiles each display an icon and tile header.

  • New Layouts for the Info Screen
    Use one of the two new Info Screen layouts: Basic with 4 Tiles or About & 3 Tiles.

  • General Info – New Business Categories
    From Content > General Info, select the most suitable category for your business from the new list of categories. These categories are used in the reports generated by the data team.

  • Choose the Como Icon on Your Splash Screen
    The Como icon displayed on the splash screens is either white or dark grey.

  • General Forms – Add Actions to the Submit Button
    In addition to submitting the form, select which action is performed when a member taps Submit.

  • New Settings Page
    All settings from the Operation tab (previously in App Settings, Business Backend and Purchase Weights) were combined into the new settings page and organized into clear categories.
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