Use Catalog Mode (Admin Panel Layout)

Admin Mode allows employees to remotely manage the club and perform loyalty actions for the member from the business' tablet. However, by selecting the Catalog Mode layout for the Admin Panel, you can allow businesses to open their catalog on Admin Mode intsead and lock the device on catalog mode. This is a great way for businesses to present their catalogs digitally to their customers in the business. For example, restaurants can place on their tables tablets that display their menu. The customers can navigate the catalog, like they do in the regular app, except that they cannot exit the catalog itself.

Note: To use catalog mode on more than one device at a time (for example, to place a tablet with the menu on each table of the restaurant): for each device, generate a code to enter Admin Mode from the account of a different Como Hub user. For example, generate the code for tablet #1 from the Hub account of and for tablet #2, from the account of 

Below are the differences of how catalogs appear in Admin Mode (as opposed to the app):

  • No back button or home button is displayed
  • Left and right buttons are not displayed
  • Currently, the filter and search bar aren’t displayed
  • The catalog can only be exited by exiting the app itself

To set up the catalog mode:

  1. Create a layout block that opens the catalog (Content > Layout > Layout Blocks).
    Note: For the Tile Type, select source-tile and then select the catalog to embed.

  2. Select the Catalog Mode layout for the Admin Panel (Content > Layout > Admin Panel).
  3. Enter Admin Mode on the business’ device.
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