Release Guide - August 2016

Release Guide - August 2016


Release Highlights:

  • Use Gift Cards
    Allow customers to purchase plastic gift cards that can be used to buy items in the business. Unlike other assets, gift cards aren’t associated with specific members and don’t appear in the app—so they can be purchased and used by any customer.

  • Use Catalog Mode (Admin Panel Layout)
    Allow businesses to open their catalog in Admin Mode and lock the device on catalog mode. This is a great way for businesses to present their catalogs digitally to their customers in the business.

  • Improved SMS Unsubscribe Link
    When members receive a text message (SMS) from the business, they can tap a link in the message itself to unsubscribe from receiving text messages. This link was replaced with a shorter version to improve their user experience.

  • Manage App Fonts from the Como Hub
    Directly from the Como Hub, fonts used for app text (and marketing materials generated from the Como Hub) can be added or edited. This helps you further customize apps to the business’ look and feel.
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