Use Multiple Custom Screens

You can add multiple custom screens to any app—providing you with more flexibility with the app screens you can create. You can add as many custom screens as you want and choose any layout that’s available for other app screens (includes 100+ layout options).

Note: If your app currently has a custom screen, you need to re-create it using the new custom screens. Don’t forget to re-direct the layout block to open this new screen.

To create a custom screen:

  1. From the Content tab, click Layout and then Custom Screens.

  2. Click Add New.

  3. Add a screen name (for internal use) and select a layout.

    Note: If you select the Custom List layout, the items are added from Content > Information > Custom List.

  4. Enter a screen title and (if applicable) add layout blocks to the custom tiles. Then click Save.

  5. Create a layout block that opens the custom screen (Open App Screen > Custom Screens).

    Note: The custom screen you created should appear under the Custom Screens header in the list according to the screen name you added.

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