Add Smart Automation Triggers

The trigger is the event that must occur in order to activate the automation. Below is a description of available triggers and examples of how they're used.

Trigger Description
Launches the app (1st time) When customers launch the app for the first time, whether or not they're registered as members

Example: Send a push notification about the joining gift they'll receive once they register as members.
Joins the club When new members join the club—by completing the registration process through the app, or when an employee registers them through the Como Hub or business-side app

Example: Send new members a joining gift, punch card or push notification saying "Welcome to the club!".
Punch a punch card When members punch a punch card, as defined in the automation conditions

Example: Send a pop-up message after the last punch to remind members to redeem their benefit, or after the Xth punch to encourage members to continue punching because their reward is just around the corner. You can also create a deal that gives members a free punch for every two punches. 
Redeems an asset When members complete the purchase (for POS integration) or when they tap Redeem on the asset screen (for non-POS integration)

Example: Send a new gift or punch card when the last one was redeemed, or upgrade the member's coupons after each redemption. 
Attempts to redeem an asset When members tap Redeem on the asset screen
Makes a purchase When a purchase is performed in the store or app

Example: Send a push notification to members after they complete their purchase to thank them and let them know they accumulated points. Or punch a member's punch card after every purchase of a certain item, etc. 
Receives an asset When members receive an asset (gift or punch card)—from an automation, from Find Members/Filter Members, or from the Point Shop

Example: Give members a free punch on every new punch card they receive, or send them a pop-up message to let them know about a new asset you sent them. 
Connects with Facebook When members connect with Facebook—through the registration form or when they tap to share items/content on Facebook

Example: Send members a Facebook connect gift or offer members to share items on Facebook to earn more points.
Opens the app When members open the app (Note: Use this trigger wisely, otherwise it can negatively effect their user experience.)

Example: Send members a coupon or pop-up message that directs them to the Rewards screen. 
Shares to Facebook When members share items or content on Facebook

Example: Send members points for sharing items/content on Facebook. 
Receives or uses points When members receive points for a purchase or another activity (like sharing on Facebook), or when members use points to purchase an item from the Point Shop (or in the business)

Example: When members receive or use a certain number of points, send them a surprise scratch card.
Fills out a form When members fill out a form or survey (this can be limited to one time per member)

Example: To encourage members to answer a survey, send them a gift when they complete it.
Enters a coupon code This trigger is not yet available for smart automations.
Updates membership details When members fill out or update a certain field in their registration form, or enter a certain value for a field in their registration form. Note: You can limit this trigger to occur only the first time they register (join the club), or only when update their details after registering.

Example: Send a different joining gift to different groups of members (a free glass of wine to members 18+ and a free glass of orange juice to members under 18). You can also tag members based on their home branch and send personalized deals based on their home branch.
Taps "Claim" button When members tap a button in the app that was assigned the action: Trigger Action (or Claim). 

Example: Create both a catalog item (with a "Claim" button) and gift that correspond to the same coupon. Then when the member taps "Claim" on the coupon (from the catalog), send them the corresponding coupon as a gift.
Scans a code When members scan an action code created by an action code generator (usually displayed on the business' tablet). Note: Which action codes trigger this automation is defined when creating the action code generator (from Benefits > Codes).

Example: After members purchase a certain item in the business, they can generate a code from the business' tablet. Create an automation to send a punch to the member that scans this code.
Enters a coupon code When members enter a coupon code through the app. Note: Which coupon codes trigger this automation is defined when creating the coupon codes (from Benefits > Codes).

Example: When members enter coupon codes, send them points, punches or gifts along with a push notification.
Receives beacon signal When a beacon signal is sent to Como—triggered when a member enters, leaves or stays for a certain period of time in the business. Note: This trigger is only available for businesses that install beacons.

Example: Send members a push message or a special promotion when they enter the store.
Unsubscribes from SMS When members tap the unsubscribe link in a text message (SMS) or when they uncheck the Allow SMS box that can appear on a registration form

Example: Send members who unsubscribe from text message (SMS) a push notification instead. 
Unregisters When members unregister from the club. Note: They can only be unregistered through an automation.

Example: If you unregister a member who cancels their membership, send them a pop-up message that their refund was completed. 
External payment rejected When the member's external payment (such as PayPal or Zooz payment) fails or is refunded. Note: Using PayPal, you can allow members to pay for items in the app (such as catalog items, credit or their club membership). Using Zooz, you can allow members to pay for items in the business using the credit card they added to their app.

Example: Unregister members whose PayPal payment was rejected (since this means they cancelled their membership and the payment was refunded).
External payment succeeds When the member's external payment (such as PayPal or Zooz payment) is successful. Note: Using PayPal, you can allow members to pay for items in the app (such as catalog items, credit or their club membership). Using Zooz, you can allow members to pay for items in the business using the credit card they added to their app.

Example: Register members to the club when their PayPal payment for their membership is successful or send members a push message to tell them their credit card was charged (after a successful Zooz payment).
Purchases an asset (Point Shop) When a member purchases a gift from the Point Shop using points (or credit depending on your settings)

Example: Send members who buy certain items in the Point Shop some bonus points to encourage them to start accumulating more points.
Tagged or untagged When a member is tagged or untagged (either from an automation or from Find/Filter Members)

Example: Send members that are tagged VIP a push message about all the benefits VIP members receive.
External event submitted When an external event is submitted by a 3rd party that implements the SubmitEvent API call
Overflows punch card When a member receives more punches for their purchase than they have left in their punch card

Example: Send members who overflow their punch card all the extra punches on their new punch card
Pays with Como Wallet When a member makes a purchase at the POS using their credit, points, gift card or Zooz (using credit cards they added to their app). Note: This includes all payments made at the POS using the PayWithBudget API call.

Example: Send members a special gift when they use more than a certain number of points.
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