Add Scenarios (Smart Actions)

Scenarios are used in smart actions (like smart automations, smart gifts and smart club deals) to specify what will happen in different cases.

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How Scenarios Are Used
Order of Scenarios
Scenario Conditions

How Scenarios Are Used

Scenarios are used differently in different places:

  • Smart Automations

    For a smart automation, scenarios allow you to specify different actions based on different conditions. For example, you can reward members differently based on the amount they spent. You can send them one gift if they spent between $100 and $200, and send them a bigger gift when they spent over $200. You can also choose to send new members a different joining gift based on their tiers (Gold, Silver, etc.) or based on their branch. 

  • Smart Gifts

    You can create scenarios for smart automations to specify which gift someone will receive based on different conditions (such as different gifts for members under 18 or over 18 years old). You can create scenarios for the gift itself to specify what will happen when the member redeems the gift. For example, you can create gift scenarios to give 10% off to members that buy 2+ items but 15% off to members that buy 3+ items. Or you can specify different discounts based on when the member redeems the gift (such as 20% off on Mondays but 15% off for the rest of the week).

  • Smart Club Deals

    You can create scenarios for club deals to provide different club deals based on different conditions. For example, provide better discounts to VIP members or at different times of the day (such as happy hour specials). For example, give 10% off to all members but 15% off to all VIP members. 

Order of Scenarios

The order of the scenarios is very important. The actions of only the first scenario that applies to the member is performed. For example, suppose Scenario 1 applies when a member spends over $100, and Scenario 2 applies when a member spends over $200. If a member spends $300, then Scenario 2 should apply. But if Scenario 1 is before Scenario 2 in the list, Scenario 1 will apply since $300 is over $100.

To re-order scenarios, collapse all the scenarios (by clicking the arrow next to the scenario name), and then drag-and-drop the scenarios into the desired order in the list.

Scenario Conditions

Scenario conditions are optional if you only add one scenario. You can also create an automation with only general conditions (from the Settings tab) and specify only the actions in the Scenarios tab. Or you can even create an automation with no conditions at all. But if you create an automation, gift or club deal with multiple scenarios, you need to add conditions to each scenario to specify when each scenario should apply. For more on conditions, click here.

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