Add Actions for Smart Gifts/Club Deals

The benefit a member receives when they redeem a smart gift or use a smart club deal is configured using actions. For example, actions can provide members with discounts on their purchase or specific items (such as 10% off their purchase or a free coffee when they buy a muffin).

Action Types

You can configure benefits in three ways: item codes, deal codes and discounts. 

Type Description Example
Item Codes Used for actual catalog items in the POS system (like an item with a lower price, zero price or negative price) Free coffee or coffee for $1 instead of $2
Deal Codes Activate the POS's promotion system and can represent benefits that are more sophisticated (like fixed discounts, percentage discounts or triggers for POS promotions) 5% off lighting or get a free tie with the purchase of any shirt
Discounts Discounts defined, calculated and validated by Como (such as a percentage or fixed amount off the entire purchase or specific items) $5 off purchase or a free coffee with the purchase of a muffin

Add Item Codes or Deal Codes

Item codes and deal codes are codes defined in the POS system that represent promotions. When you add item/deal codes to your smart gift/club deal, it links it to the promotion that's defined in their system. So when a member wants to redeem their gift or use their club deal (when Redeem or GetMemberBenefits API calls are sent), Como sends the POS the item/deal codes you specified to add to the purchase.


Add Discounts

Discounts are defined, calculated and validated entirely by Como. When a member wants to redeem a gift or use their club deal (when Redeem or GetMemberBenefits API calls are sent), the POS sends Como the purchase details. After Como validates the conditions (based on details like shopping cart or total sum) and performs any required calculations, Como sends back the discount amount and description.

Here's a description of the discount configurations, followed by examples.

Field Description
Description Enter the description of the discount that will be sent to the POS (along with the discount that Como calculates) when the member wants to redeem the gift or use the club deal.
Discount Type Specify the discount as either a percentage off, fixed amount off or free item. By default, the percentage off is calculated based on the entire purchase. However, you can choose to provide the discount only for specific items from Apply Discount to Specific Items. This is also where you would specify the free item if the discount is a free item.
Limit Total Discount Amount per Purchase You can specify a maximum amount off that the member can receive from this particular action. Here are some examples:
  • Discount of 20% off furniture items, up to $50: even if a member spends $400 on furniture (20% off is equivalent to $80), they will only receive a discount of $50.
  • Free fries, every time the member buys a hamburger, up to $20: if each fries costs $7 and the member buy 3 hamburgers, they’ll get 2 free fries and $6 off the 3rd fries (since 3 fries = $21 and the max is $20 off).
Note: The limit applies to each action separately (even if your gift or club deal has more than one action that provides discounts).
Apply Discount to Specific Items By default, the percentage or amount discounts apply to the entire purchase. However, you can choose to apply discounts to specific items (such as “for every hamburger you buy, get a free drink”). Note: The discounts can be applied multiple times per purchase unless you specify a limit to how many times they can be applied from Limit Times Discount Applied per Purchase.

Specify which items are included in the discount (i.e. both the items the member needs to buy to receive the discount and items that are actually discounted). If the discount line includes the item that is discounted, leave the discount toggle on. If it doesn’t include the discounted items (and only includes the items the member needs to purchase to receive the discount), turn the discount toggle off. (See examples below)

For more on creating item groups, click here.
Limit Times Discount Applied per Purchase You can specify the maximum number of times that the discount can be applied from this particular action. For example, give members a free drink every time they buy a hamburger, up to 2 times. This means that if they buy 2 hamburgers, they’ll get 2 free drinks and if they buy 3 hamburgers, they’ll still only get 2 free drinks.


  • For every $100 spent on furniture items, give 20% off those items:

  • For every 2 coffees they buy, give another coffee free:

  • For every hamburger they buy, give free fries:


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