Release Guide - October 2016

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Release Highlights:

  • Use Smart Actions

    Smart actions represent a set of advanced modules that include smart automations, smart gifts and smart club deals. Smart actions offer many advantages over the classic automations, gifts and club deals—including more sophisticated conditions, easier configurations, additional features, and advanced capabilities.

  • Add Comments to Member Profiles

    You can add comments with valuable information to a member’s profile in the Como Hub. For example, “the member complained about not receiving a punch so their punch card was punched manually”. Each comment has a time stamp and the email of the Como Hub user that added it.

  • Save Anonymous Purchases

    Some POS companies also send purchase data of customers who aren’t identified club members (using the SubmitPurchase API call). Whether or not Como saves this data depends on a setting in the Como Hub. The default for this field was changed to save this purchase data.

  • Enhanced Data for the SubmitPurchase API Call

    New fields added to the SubmitPurchase API call allow us to collect more purchase data from the POS on the item level—such as the gross price, the amount discounted off the item and the amount of credit or points used to buy the item. In addition, we can also receive the total general discount amount—the total discount on the purchase which the POS didn’t assign to specific items but to the purchase total.

  • New SubmitEvent API Call

    This API call allows Como to receive information from any 3rd party about external events that occurred to specific club members. Based on this information, you can segment members and automatically perform certain actions on them (like send them a special coupon or a push notification).

  • Search Your App List

    A search box was added for the app list in the Como Hub—allowing you to easily search for apps according to either name or location ID.


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