Release Guide - November 2016

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  • Use the New Favorites Tab
    Como Hub users can build their own custom Favorites tab by adding the menus that they use most often.

  • Add Dynamic Text to Your Messages
    Add text parameters to text messages (SMS) and pop-up messages sent by smart automations. Messages can be personalized according to membership or purchase attributes—such as the member’s name, birthday, purchase sum, point balance, and more.

  • Simpler Discount Configurations
    When configuring discounts for smart gifts or smart club deals, you can add more than one discount condition for the same item group (when applying discounts to specific items). This allows for simpler configurations of discounts—especially for the free item discount type.

  • SMS Length Displayed in the Como Hub
    If an SMS message that’s sent from the Como Hub exceeds a certain length, the business may be charged more than once for the message. This length depends on the language, provider and unsubscribe link. New attributes were added to the SMS text box to help you gauge the length of the message.

  • New Operator Default for Item Group Conditions
    When conditions are combined to define item groups, the default operator to combine them was AND. This default was changed to OR since it’s most commonly used and to prevent bad configurations.

  • New Push Provider – Baidu
    Baidu, a Chinese push provider, was added to the Como Hub to support businesses that operate in China.

  • Filter Members – Additional Purchase Attributes
    From Filter Members, you can search for members based on their purchases according to new fields: transaction source, order type and payment type.

  • Sync Customer Data with External Systems
    Our API has been enhanced to enable Como to integrate with a business’ 3rd party CRM or analytics system. Using the GetUpdatedMemberDetails API call, the 3rd party system can retrieve all the member details of any member whose details were updated since a specific date. They can also select whether or not to receive the member’s assets.

  • Discount Allocation Added to the Como API
    Previously, when a member redeemed a gift or used a club deal (and the benefit was defined and validated by Como), Como would only send the POS the discount amount and description. Now (if the POS sends the new ReturnExtendedDiscounts flag as true in the request), Como sends the POS details about which specific items should be discounted and by how much.

  • SubmitPurchase API Call – TransactionSourceName
    When an external system (like a POS) integrates with Como, they can send their name along with the details of each purchase transaction. This data is passed through a new field added to the SubmitPurchase API call (TransactionSourceName) and allows us to handle errors more efficiently.

  • Redeem API Call – Detailed Error Response
    Previously, whenever the Redeem API call would fail, the same error message would be sent: Redeem code not found. Now, different responses are sent based on the type of error that occurred.
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