Add a Side Menu

Add a side menu to give app users quick and easy navigation from any app screen. The side menu is opened from a hamburger icon in the app header, and you can choose which app screens or actions are linked to this menu.

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To add a side menu:

  1. From Content > Branding > Design: select Use side menu under Navigation type. Then click Save.

  2. From Content > Custom screen > add a Side Menu screen:
    Screen Title: SideMenuContent  Specify Buttons for New Gen App: Side Menu Buttons.

A. Select a layout for the side menu.

Add layout blocks to the tiles (which are items in the navigation list)
Note: By default, the first block is Home. You can add up to 7 blocks. If you want to add less than 7, select Empty Block for the tiles you don't want to use.

Then click Save.



Left vs Right Side Menu

Whether the side menu opens from the left or right side of the screen depends on the direction of the app language:

  • LTR (left-to-right) apps, such as in English, have a left side menu by default
  • RTL (right-to-left) apps, such as in Hebrew, have a right side menu by default

This default, as well as the default text size of the menu, can be overwritten by request.

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