Zooz: Demo Account Setup

A sales manager can demonstrate the payment feature for businesses that don’t have an account with Zooz—using the Zooz sandbox testing environment. This allows you to add and use credit cards in the payment flow without charging them.

To use the test account:

  1. Add a program to the Como QA Zooz account from the QA Zooz Portal (Manage Programs > Add New Program).

    Note: It's the same process as the one for the live account. If the demo app was created in the Como QA environment (instead of production), the IPN url should be this instead:
  2. Add the program ID and key to the Como Hub (Operation > Settings > External Services).
  3. Check Use Sandbox test account. Note: This sandbox feature requires a permission tag.


    Note: When you’re ready to use the live account, uncheck the sandbox checkbox and enter the program ID and program key from the program in the live account.
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