Zooz: Intro & FAQs

Members can pay for items in the app or store, using credit cards they added to their app. An external platform, Zooz, is used to process payments and securely manage credit card information.


What are the costs?

In addition to your regular credit card processing fee, there's a fixed cost per transaction (charged by Como directly).

What are the prerequisites?

The business’ credit card processor must be supported by Zooz. For in-store payments, the business’ POS integration must also support mobile payments. It is fully supported by any POS that implemented API version 4.0 or later. For version 2.8 or earlier, it might be supported depending on their implementation.

How does the business get the money?

Money is transferred directly into your account in the usual way that you receive credit card payments.

Does Como have PCI compliance?

The external platform used to process the payment is PCI compliant. Como does not hold any credit card information.

Does the customer receive receipts or invoices?

It is recommended to send a confirmation of payment by SMS or email. Invoices should be issues by the business.

What types of credit cards are supported?

All the types that are supported by your credit card processor.

What types of credit cards are supported?

The following payment processors are already supported by Zooz. Contact Como Support if you are interested in using a processor that isn't on this list.

What is the setup process?

You can add Zooz payments to your Como Sense solution using these steps:

  1. Fill out the required Zooz forms.
  2. Create a Zooz program.
  3. Add the Zooz program to the Como Hub.
  4. Set up the payment flow you want to use.

Learn more about the first 3 steps here.

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