Zooz: Live Account Setup

Each business must have their own Zooz program but are charged for payments by Como. All programs are created in the Como Zooz account. A test/demo account can be created to demonstrate the payment flow without charging an actual credit card. However, a live account is required for customers to perform real payments. Once a Zooz program is set up, it must be added to the Como Hub.

Note: This setup process may vary per business.

Step 1 - Forms

To set up a Zooz program in Israel, Zooz requires each business to complete a form. In other countries, the business should provide their Account Manager with the business name and processor.

Note: These payment processors are supported by Zooz. Contact Como Support if you're interested in using one that isn't on this list.

Step 2 - Zooz Portal

Once the form is approved by Zooz, Como can set up their Zooz program in the Zooz portal—where they can view transaction details, issue reports, and cancel payments.

To create a Zooz program:

  1. Click here and login to the Como account.

    Note: Each user should have their own account credentials. If you don't have credentials, contact Como support.


  2. Click Manage Programs > Add New Programs.


  3. Under General Details, add details and click Save.


    Note: Under General Notifications, you can choose to receive an email for every transaction. The option to send users a receipt is not currently available.

  4. Click the edit icon to add more program details.


  5. Under General Details, add any missing details and click Save.



    Program Key
    Program ID

    These are automatically generated and should be added later to the Como Hub.

    Program Status

    This first status is Draft. The status changes once you click Go Live and changes again when the program is approved by Zooz.

    General Notifications

    You can choose to receive an email for every transaction. The option to send users a receipt is not currently available.

  6. Click Go Live to submit your request to Zooz.

    Note: You can only start using this program for payment after Zooz approves it.

  7. Under IPN Configuration:

    Enable IPNs for Transaction Success and Transaction Failure notification types:
    1. Select the notification type.
    2. Click IPN enabled.
    3. Click + Add URL.
    4. Enter URL: https://services-dot-zipory-alpha.appspot.com/payments/notifications/zooz/handle
    5. Click Save.
    6. Repeat the process for each notification type.


  8. Under Processors, you can add or edit details.
    Note: For Israel, this section does not require any changes.

Once the program is approved and it’s added to the Como Hub, your Zooz program is set up.

Step 3 - Como Hub

From Operation > Settings > External Services > Payment Services, add the program credentials (from the Zooz portal) and select a payment currency. Then click Save.

Note that the Use Sandbox test account should be unchecked. If you don't see this checkbox, contact Como support.



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