Pay with PayPal

For businesses with a PayPal account, members can buy their special in-app coupons, club memberships or credit directly through the app.

How It Works

When a member taps a designated buy button on an item screen, they can pay for this specific item through the PayPal web view that’s displayed. After logging in to PayPal, members can  choose to either pay with their PayPal account, or to pay with their credit card.



Add PayPal payments to your solution using the following steps:

STEP 1: Add your PayPal account to the Como Hub

From Operation > Settings > External Services, add the PayPal account details: username, payment currency, and if they have a Sandbox account. Then click Save.

Note: If you’re unsure about whether or not they have a Sandbox account, you can leave it blank and it can be updated later if necessary.


STEP 2: Add the PayPal payment option to items

Using the Pay with Online Service in App button action, you can add the PayPal payment option to a catalog item, the register button on the registration form, or any other button in the app. Learn more about the complete payment flows:

In-App Membership Payments
Special In-App Coupons
Load In-App Credit

STEP 3: Create an automation to give members what they paid for

Create an automation based on their purchase (makes a purchase) of a specific item in order to send them the coupon gift, add credit to their balance or register them to the club (depending on how you want to use this payment option).

Note: To create an automation based on the status of PayPal payments, the business must first change the following in the settings of their PayPal account:

  1. From Seller Preferences, click Update in Website Preferences.
  2. Change Auto Return to True and enter the return URL as
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