In-App: Registration Payments

Provide seamless registration by allowing customers to pay for their memberships directly in the app.

Note: This describes payment using credit card, but the business can use the PayPal payment option instead.

How It Works

  1. The member completes the registration form and taps Register.
  2. The member confirms the payment amount.
  3. The member adds their credit card info.
  4. The payment is processed and they’re registered to the club.



  • Your zapp version must be at least LTR 390/RTL 464.
  • The business’ Zooz program must be added to the Como Hub


  1. Add the payment option to the registration (Operation > Registration > Registration Form):
    • Select No for Register member when they submit the form?
    • Select Pay with Online Service in App as the button action.


      Note: Add an item code here that will also be used in the automation. It should be different than other item codes used at the POS (ex: appRegistration123)

  1. Create an automation to register the member once the payment is confirmed.

    • Trigger: Makes a purchase
    • Conditions:


      Note: The membership item should be the same as the item code that was added in step 2.
  • Action: Register Member

In-Store Payment Option

You can also give customers the option to pay in the store. When the customer gives their phone number and buys their membership at the POS: 1) they’re automatically registered, or 2) they receive a coupon code by SMS to enter into their app to register (based on the flow selected in the Hub). Learn more

In-App Membership Payments + Auto-Register

You can add the auto-register flow without changing the payment flow in the app. If the member is registered at the POS, they will simply log in as an existing member. If not, they can register using the flow shown above.

In-App Membership payments + Codes

If you want to add the in-store registration flow that uses joining or coupon codes, the in-app payment flow is slightly different.

When the customer fills out the registration form and taps Register, a catalog screen is displayed with two options—one to pay with credit card, and another to enter a code they received by SMS (or printed on a code slip).

To add this option:

  1. Create a catalog (Content > Information > Catalogs):
    1. Add items with these button actions for Custom Action When Category/Item is Tapped:
      1. Pay with Online Service in App
      2. Enter Coupon Code
        Note: You should also add a confirmation message to let them know that the registration succeeded. Learn more
    2. For Open directly to the item gallery?, select Yes.
  2. Add the catalog to the registration form (Operation > Registration > Registration Form):
    1. For Register member when they submit the form?, select No.
    2. For the button action, select Open Catalog and then the catalog name.
  3. Create two automations to register the member:
    1. Trigger: Makes a purchase (with the conditions shown above)
    2. Trigger: Enters a coupon code

      Note: Make sure to change the default membership status for the automation from "Registered" to "Pending".
  4. Create a bulk of coupon codes (Benefits > Codes > Coupon Codes).
  5. Send the codes by SMS (Settings > General POS Settings > POS Membership Purchase Flow).

Important Notes

  • Joining Codes—If you are using printed joining codes, they can also be entered into the coupon code screen (displayed using from the Enter Coupon Code button action). However, make sure to remove the joining code field from the registration form itself.

  • Pending—If the member filled out the registration form but didn’t successfully complete the payment, their membership status is Pending. In this case, they can complete their payment in the app or in the store (if available).

  • Failed Payment—In very rare cases, it’s possible that Zooz notifies us that a payment failed only after the payment was shown as successful in the app. We recommend creating an automation based on External payment rejected (and the membership item code) that notifies the customer that there was an issue processing their membership payment.

  • Accumulation—For in-app payments, members will accumulate points on the membership item unless specified otherwise (in the automation). If the member registers using a coupon code sent by SMS, they can accumulate on the entire purchase only if the enter the code into the app within a specified period of time (Registration Purchase Automation Delay).
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