POS Registration: SMS Flow

When the customer buys a membership at the business, they provide their phone number and receive a text message (SMS) with a joining code. After they download the app, they enter the code into the registration form to register to the club.

NOTE: If you want to give members the option to either pay at the store or pay in the app, you need to use coupon codes instead. For coupon codes, you will also need an automation to register the member. For more on combining the SMS registration flow with app payments, click here.

To set up this option using joining codes:
  1. The business creates an item code for a membership in their POS.
  2. Create a bulk of joining codes from Operation > Registration > Joining Codes.
  3. Send customers joining codes by text message (SMS) when they purchase a membership.
  4. Make the joining code a required field in the registration form.

    Note: We recommend adding a description of the joining code field in the registration form to let customers know that this code is received from the POS.

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