POS Registration: Auto Register

For a quicker and seamless registration flow, customers who buy memberships can be automatically registered to the club with the phone number they provide at the POS. Once they download the app and log in as an existing member, they can update the rest of their member details (see our recommendation below).


  • Members cannot redeem any gifts or use club deals in the same transaction in which they purchase their membership. However, they’ll be able to accumulate (or trigger any other purchase-based automation) for this purchase.
  • For cases that customers download the app without paying for their membership at the POS, a new registration flow should be configured for the app to support membership payments and prevent them from registering for free (see step 5 below).

To auto-register members from the POS:

  1. From the Operation tab, click Settings and then General POS Settings.
  2. Under POS Membership Purchase Flow, select Auto Register. Then click Add Membership Item Code.

  3. Enter the membership item code (so when members purchase this item at the POS, they’ll be automatically registered) and the text message that they’ll receive once registered (you can also include a link for downloading the app).

  4. If relevant, you can add more membership item codes and send different messages for each item (for example, if you have a special membership discount for students).

  5. Create a new registration flow for the app to support membership payments (otherwise, customers who download the app without paying at the POS will be able to register for free). We recommend adding an option for the customer to pay for their membership in the app using PayPal or credit card (Zooz). For more on setting up this option, click here.

Completing Membership Details

Once customers are automatically registered from the POS using their phone number, there are different ways you can encourage them to submit the rest of their member details. We recommend sending these members their joining gift only after they submit their registration form in the app. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Sending a member who joins the club a pop-up message, that tells them they can claim their joining gift once they update their membership form. The pop-up then directs them to the member profile so they can update their membership details.
  2. Creating a special welcome message for auto-registered members (who haven’t yet submitted their registration form), that directs them to their member profile to update their membership details.
    Note: If you want to add a longer explanation or message for the member, you can also first open a pop-up from the welcome message that directs them to their member profile.
  3. Using both option 1 and 2 together.

Once the registration form is submitted, you can send them their joining gift. Below is a detailed explanation of how to complete the second flow (and also helps to understand the other 2 flows).


To encourage members to submit their member details:

  1. Create an automation to tag members that make a purchase containing the membership item code. For example, you can tag them “Auto-Registered”.
  1. Create a welcome message to encourage members to complete their registration form in order to receive their joining gift:
    1. Add the tag from Step 1 (so only these members can view the welcome message).
    2. Add a welcome message title, such as “Get your joining gift”.
    3. Add a button action that either:
      1. Opens a pop-up that tells the members to update their registration form to get their joining gift (by clicking Update from their member profile). Set the button for the pop-up to open the member profile. OR
      2. Opens the member profile directly
  1. Create an automation that untags the member and sends them their joining gift once they submit their registration form:

    1. Trigger: Updates membership details
    2. Condition: Field Changed, Field: Operation, Operation: UpdateMembership
    3. Action: Send an Asset (to send the joining gift)
    4. Action: Tag/Untag member (to untag with whatever tag you used in Step 1)
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