Web View Payments

Integrated external systems (ex: ordering) can allow members to pay directly from an app web view.

How It Works

  1. The member opens their app web view.
  2. When ready, the member taps Pay.
  3. The member’s credit card is automatically charged (Quick Pay flow).

    Note: If the business doesn’t use Quick Pay for credit cards, a payment code is generated—which the member enters into the web view to complete the payment.

Behind the Scenes

  1. Identification: When the member opens the web view, Como automatically generates a temporary identifier and adds it to the web view URL (temporary token). The member is then automatically identified by the external system using this secure identifier.
  2. Payment: When ready to pay, the external service sends a payment/PayWithBudget API call with the identifier and payment amount. If the business doesn’t use Quick Pay for credit cards, the member will first have to generate a payment code (using Javascript API), which is also passed in the API request.
  3. Zooz: Como sends Zooz the amount and the credit card token. After Zooz responds to Como if the credit card was charged successfully, Como sends the external service a payment API response.


  • The business’ Zooz program must be added to the Como Hub—as the payment are processed and received by the Zooz account of the business.
  • The external service should have the following integrations with Como:
    • POS API—incl. the payment/PayWithBudget call and the temporaryToken identifier
    • Como Mobile API—Javascript API used to add Como button actions to web view
    • Web view integration—with the temporary token web view parameter in the URL


The setup required is performed by the Como Integration Team.

In-App Payment Flows

The business can also allow members to initiate an in-app payment flow from the web view. For example, they can present their website as a web view to allow members to buy a special offer that’s on their site. A POS integration is not required for an in-app payment.

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