In-App: Special Coupons & Events

Boost sales—by creating exclusive offers for members to buy through the app and then claim in the business. For example, sell a breakfast for two for $15 or a new TV for $500. Change the offers regularly to keep it interesting and to encourage members to buy in advance so they don’t miss out.

How It Works

  1. The member selects the desired coupon and taps Buy.
  2. The member confirms the payment amount.
  3. The member adds their credit card info (or chooses a saved credit card from their app wallet).
  4. The payment is processed and the coupon is added to their app gifts—to redeem later.



  • Reward club members by offering them exclusive deals through the app.
  • By limiting the amount of time the offer is available, members are encouraged to buy the offer so they don't miss out.
  • Provide members with an incentive to conveniently and easily purchase items in advance.
  • Give members the opportunity to increase their purchase with other items when they visit the business to redeem their offer.


  • The business’ Zooz program must be added to the Como Hub.


  1. Create gifts corresponding to the coupons you want to offer.

    Note: The gift should provide the member something for free at the POS since they will pay for it when they “buy” the catalog item in the app.
  2. Create catalog items for the coupons and add a Buy button (Pay with Online Service in App).


    Note: Add an item code here that will also be used in the automation. It should be different than any item code at the POS (ex: appCoupon123)
  1. Create an automation to send the gift when the payment succeeds (with a condition of the same item code used for the catalog item's payment button).
    1. Trigger: Makes a purchase
    2. Conditions:


      Note: The item should be the same as the item code that was added in step 2.
    3. Action: Send an Asset

Note: In very rare cases, it’s possible that Zooz notifies us that a payment failed only after the payment was shown as successful in the app. We recommend creating an automation based on External payment rejected (and the gift item code) that notifies the customer that there was an issue processing their payment.

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