In-Store: Quick Pay

Ideal for quick service restaurants (QSR), the Quick Pay flow allows customers to quickly and easily pay for their purchase at the POS using credit cards they added to their app.

To give members the option to pay with multiple Como payment types (such as by points, etc.), see In-Store Multi-Pay.

Learn about the difference between Multi-Pay and Quick Pay


How It Works



Behind the Scenes

*In step 1, the member identifies using a temp code from the app (displayed as a number, QR code, or barcode).





  • The business’ Zooz program must be added to the Como Hub.
  • The business' POS integration must support mobile payments (all 4.0 integrations are supported, but you need to check for 2.8 integrations)
  • The business uses temporary ID code (appClientId) as a customer identifier.


  1. From Operation > Settings > Point/Credit Settings, select Credit Card for Quick Pay Wallet.

    Note: All fields related to point/credit payments will be disabled. Businesses that use Quick Pay with mobile payments should not allow point/credit payments at the POS so there won’t be operational mistakes by the cashier.
  2. Add an app screen to allow the member to add their credit card—using a layout block with button action Manage Credit Cards.

  3. If possible, select to hide the point/credit payment screen from the settings on the POS itself.
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