Zooz: Cancel Payments

Here's how to cancel payments that were made using Zooz using the in-app or in-store payment flows.

Cancel In-Store Payments

To refund or void an entire purchase at the POS, the POS sends the cancelPurchase or voidPurchase API call. If they paid using mobile payments, the payment is not automatically cancelled. The POS can cancel this payment using a cancelPayment API call (see POS API).

If the POS didn’t implement the cancelPayment API call, sending the payment API call with a negative amount will not cancel the Zooz payment. It needs to be cancelled directly from the Zooz portal:

  1. From the Zooz portal, click Reports > Payments.


  2. Search for the payment using the Payment ID (which you can find in the Hub in the mobile payment log in Latest Logs in the member profile.)

  3. Next to the payment you want to cancel, click Details.


  4. Click the Void or Refund or Commit
    Note: There is only one button that can appear with different names. Learn more.


Cancel In-App Payments

If a member requests a refund for a credit card payment performed in the app, it must be cancelled directly from the Zooz portal (using the processed described above).

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