Top-Up: Load Credit

Allow members to load (top-up) credit directly through the app—which they can use to pay for purchases at the POS. Encourage members to buy credit in advance by offering it at a discount. For example, let members buy $25 worth of credit for only $20.


How It Works

  1. From their app wallet, the member selects to load their credit balance.
  2. The member selects the credit amount and continues to payment.
  3. After confirming the amount, the member selects a credit card.
  4. The payment is processed and their credit balance is updated.



  • The business must have a POS integration which supports Como payments to actually allow members to pay with credit at the store.


  1. Create a web view:
    Custom Amount:


    Base URL

    Default Params



    Custom Params

    paymentFlow     -  topUp

    Fixed Amount:


    Base URL:

    Default Params:



    Custom Params:

    paymentFlow            -            topUp

    price                          -            XXX (no signs- Just numbers. No decimal)

  2. Create a catalog:

    1. Create a category for a specific credit amount.
    2. Add an image to this category that tells the member how much credit they will buy and how much it will cost.
      Note: We recommend giving them bonus credit to encourage them to load (ex: pay $20, get $25 worth of credit).
    3. You can repeat steps 1-2 to add multiple credit amounts for the member to buy.

  3. Create a layout block that opens this catalog.


  4. Add a wallet screen to the app

  5. Create a rule to add credit to their balance when the payment succeeds (with a condition of the payment amount).


    Note: The amount of credit should be the amount promoted on the credit item in the catalog (which can be greater than the amount they actually paid).


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