In-Store: Multi-Pay

Offer your members various ways to pay for their purchase at the POS using their app. Not only can they pay with points, they can use credit cards they added to their app—using the multi-pay flow.

Learn about the difference between Multi-Pay and Quick Pay


How It Works



Behind the Scenes


: The payment code is only used to secure the payment (to ensure that the person at the POS is really this member). 


  • The business’ Zooz program must be added to the Como Hub.
  • The business' POS integration must support mobile payments (all 4.0 integrations are supported, but you need to check for 2.8 integrations)


  1. Create a layout block or button with the button action of Pay with Online Service in Store. The member taps this button or tile to open the payment page. No other configurations are required for this screen.
  2. To allow member’s to manage their credit cards outside of a payment flow, you can add an app screen using a layout block with button action Manage Credit Cards.
  3. To send a success push message or SMS (ex: Your credit card has been charged), you can create an automation based on External payment succeeds (with a condition based on External Payment, Provider Name = ZOOZ).  However, keep in mind that this applies to all Zooz payments, including payments made in the app (if the business uses both in-app and in-store payment flows).
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