Multiple API Keys per Business

Multiple API keys can be generated for the same business—one for each external service they use that’s integrated with Como (ex: POS, ordering system, etc.). This allows us to more easily identify the source of the data, and prevent an external service from accessing data once a business decides to stop working with them.

Manage API Keys

API keys can be managed from Operation > Settings > General POS Settings. To add a new API key, enter the name of the integrated service (ex: name of the POS or ordering service) and then click (+). You can activate or deactivate each API key using the toggle.




  • If a business uses several POS companies, each POS should have their own API key.
  • For each business, multiple API keys cannot have the same name.
  • Default corresponds to the first API key generated for this business and is also used for in-app purchases through PayPal and Zooz (IPN).
  • If the API key must be numeric only, it can be changed through POSTMAN.
  • The relevant API key appears in exported reports
  • The ability to add new API keys and activate/deactivate API keys is controlled by permission tag. Deleting an API key is not available through the Como Hub.
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