Pending Memberships

When a customer submits the registration form but doesn’t complete their required membership payment, their membership status is pending. You can prevent them from receiving club benefits, allow them to complete their membership payment at the POS, and allow them to log in to the app using a different account.

Complete Membership Payments

Customers can begin their registration through the app and complete their payment at the POS:

  1. The customer fills out and submits the registration form but doesn't complete payment through the app. Their membership status is Pending.
  2. When the customer identifies at the POS, the membership status is displayed as Pending.
  3. The cashier manually adds a membership item to their shopping cart.
  4. When the purchase is complete, Como initiates the paid registration flow selected by the business—which either automatically registers the member or sends them a coupon code by SMS to enter into the app.
  5. The member is now registered—with membership status Active/Registered and all the details from their registration form.

Rewards Based on Membership Status

By default, all actions from automations, club deals, gifts and Filter Members are now only performed on registered members (unless configured otherwise). This prevents pending members from receiving and using club benefits before they complete their membership payment.

Note: Non-Registered is not the same as non-members. It only includes app users that didn’t register, or members that were unregistered by automation or Filter Members.

Log In With Another Account

When a pending member tries to access a “members only” tile in the app, a pop-up is displayed with the following options:

  • Continue—to complete membership payment
  • Close—to return back to the app as pending
  • Logout—to allow them to log in with another account
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