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Create email campaigns to let members know about latest promotions or special offers, which can even be customized according to branch or member tier (tag). Or send emails to individual members based on their activity (ex: confirmation of a mobile payment or thank you for a purchase).

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Create Emails
Send Emails
Track Emails
Marketing Emails
Email Settings



As an add-on feature, businesses will be charged for this service. The first 1000 emails per month are free, and the businesses are charged per additional email according to the territory pricing list.

Create Emails

Create and edit your custom email templates from Content > Email Templates:





Title (Name)

It is used internally for reference (ex: when choosing which template to send or in the member profile logs), and doesn’t appear in the email itself


It appears in all emails that use this template. You can add dynamic text with member or purchase details (ex: name) and emojis. We recommend not exceeding 62 characters.


You can design your content in various ways:

  • Image – All content is included in the image itself (including text), which you can also hyperlink to direct members to a URL when they click it.
  • Image + Text – Add text below the image, including a title and body with custom colors.
  • Code – Content is included in an HTML file

Note: The additional text or HTML can include dynamic text (membership & purchase)


Note: The email may appear differently in different email clients (ex: gmail, outlook)—including the spacing, emojis, custom text colors, etc. To preview your email before sending it to members, you can send yourself an email from Filter Members.

Here’s a list of some of the dynamic text you can add. If you add it to the subject or additional text, you can find the attribute by entering @ and then selecting it from the list that appears. If you want to add it to the HTML, you need to use the format below:



Format for HTML

First name


Last name








Favorite Branch ID


Home Branch ID


Generic String 1


Address Zip Code


Expiration Date


Total Sum (purchase)


Branch ID (purchase)



Send Emails

After creating your template, send emails from Find/Filter Members, Import Membership Keys or your Campaign Center (rules, or one-time activities). You can preview the email subject (configured on the template itself) and the “from” name (configured in the email settings).



Track Emails

You can track the emails you send and view analytics in various ways:


Member Profile Logs



Email <template name> was sent to member (from <source>)

Email was successfully sent from Como; source is either Hub (Filter Members or Import User Keys) or Automation.

Email <template name> reached member inbox

Email was delivered

Email <template name> was opened by member

Email was opened

Email <template name> didn't reach member inbox

Email wasn’t delivered—whether the issue was with Como or with the email provider

Email <template name> was clicked by member

A link in the email was clicked, ex: the image, unsubscribe link or any link specified in the HTML file

Email <template name> was marked as spam

Email was marked as spam by the member
Note: This info is not provided by every email client


Search Filters

From Filter Members, search for members who were sent emails according to the template, source (Hub or automation), date range, and email activity. The email activity includes the logs explained above, except that a “bounce” is reported separately (ex: wrong email address).



From the template screen in the Content tab, view statistics for emails sent from Filter Members or Import User Keys. The statistics present the total number of times that each email activity occurred (ex: how many times this template was clicked when it was sent on 19/12/2017). An activity can occur after you download a report, so statistics may vary each time you download the same report. Note:

  • Open—counts each time it was opened, even if the same member opened it more than once
  • Click—counts each time it was clicked, even if the same member clicked it more than once
  • Rejected by email provider—doesn’t include bounces
  • Open rate = [unique opens/# delivered] x 100
  • Click rate = [unique clicks/# delivered] x 100
  • Delivery rate = [# delivered/# sent] x 100

*Unique means that if the same member does it twice, it only counts it once.

emails3.png  emails4.png

Marketing Emails

All emails sent using a template are treated as marketing emails so that all the legally required content will automatically be inserted.

This content includes:

  • Option to unsubscribe from marketing emails (via link or email)
  • Text indicating that the email is an advertisement
  • Email footer with the business name, email, phone number, and address (taken from settings)

Note: The legally required text in the email (including translation) is determined by territory. They can be customized upon request.


Email Settings

All email settings have defaults so they don’t need to be configured to use this feature. However, you have the option to change the defaults from Operation > Settings > External Services.




Business Address (email footer)

Default is the default location address added in the Create New App flow

From Name

Sender name; default is the app name from Content > General Info

From Email

Sender email address; there are 2 options:

  • Como address—default is “no-reply-[locationID]” but you can change the local-part (before the @)
  • Custom address—you can use a custom email domain instead:
    • Enter your email address and then click Generate DKIM.
    • Add the hostname and value to your email client (ex: gmail, outlook)
    • Click Authenticate to verify that the setup was successful

      Note: You must see the confirmation message that the authentication was successful to send emails from this domain.


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