Multi-Channel Communication Tools



There are many ways that you can reach out to your members, as well as ways to let your members connect with you.


Tool Examples App Required Paid Add-on Other Features
SMS Promote a new item, offer a special deal, or invite members to stop by the store No Yes Supports dynamic text and emojis

Push Notify members of new gifts or punches, or thank them after their purchase Yes No

Supports dynamic text and emojis
Can open a specific app screen when tapped

Pop-ups Provide extra info or flow navigation for users Yes No Supports dynamic text and emojis
Email Send a welcome to the program, new items/promotions, monthly newletter or payment confirmation No Yes
(after 1000/month)
Supports dynamic text and emojis
Fully customizable with images and designs
Forms & Surveys Customer satisfaction survey, input about new products, or a reservation form Yes No  
Feedback Get questions or comments via app, like input about a campaign or request for support  Yes No  


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