Zooz: Find Payments

Purchases in the Hub are linked to payments in the Zooz portal using the Zooz Payment Token allowing you to provide support for Zooz mobile payments. From the Hub, you can view the Zooz payment token in the mobile payment log in the member profile, or you can search for the mobile payment from Filter Members using the Zooz payment token.

To provide members support for their Zooz payment (such as to cancel it):

  1. Search for the member (by identifier) or purchase (by transaction ID) in the Hub.
  2. Find the Zooz Payment token from the mobile payment log in Latest Logs in the member profile.
  3. Search for the Zooz payment token in the Zooz portal.



To find the member or purchase related to the Zooz payment:

  1. Take the Payment Token from the Zooz portal.


  2. Search for the mobile payment with this payment token from Filter Members.

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