Minimum Age to Register

Customers below a certain age are prevented from registering ( age retrictions )—according to the legal minimum age of the relevant country.

How It Works

The customer’s age is validated using their birthday, so it will only be validated if the birthday field is added to the registration form (and the customer actually fills it out). If the birthday is not added to the registration form, or if the member does not fill it out when it’s optional, then the birthday will not be validated and underage members can register.


  • If the business validates phone number by SMS, then age is only checked after the member enters the code sent by SMS.
  • This applies to all registration/update methods—app, import, API, Hub or website.
  • Currently, this only affects new customers (not existing underage members).

Minimum Age to Register

  • EU/UK – 16
  • US – 13
  • IL – 12
  • Others – 13


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