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Como Sense offers a wide range of cutting-edge tools so you can take your data far beyond analytics. Gain a deep understanding of your customers, and then turn that knowledge into sales by creating targeted, data-driven campaigns. 

Your Hub dashboard is just one of these tools. It gives you a quick overview of the numbers you care about most, allows you to measure your growth, and provides you with actionable insights to drive it. View User Guide


Article Topics:

Today's Stats
Key Metrics
Monthly Trends
Business Insights

Today’s Stats

Check in to see how you’re doing today. View today’s sales, visits, and new members—and see how many members are currently registered to your loyalty program. These numbers are updated every hour, so they are nearly real-time.



Key Metrics

View your key performance indicators, and how they compare to the last period. Each metric presents the total for the period you selected. Under this total, you can also see the percentage increase or decrease since the corresponding period.

In the example below, you can see that in the last 28 days: 4,927 new members joined the program (which is 27.6% more than the previous 28-day period).



Time Periods

You can select which time period you’d like to see. Only completed days are counted. For example, if you choose the last 7 days, it will include 7 days counting back from yesterday. The exact dates are displayed below the drop-down.

The comparable time period is also displayed—which is used to determine if there was an increase or decrease in these important indicators (and by how much).

Note: This comparable time period is only displayed if the data exists for this business (for the full period).



Time Periods



This Year

Current calendar year to date (such as 2018, excluding today since it’s not complete)

Last 7 Days

Last 7 completed days (counting back from yesterday)

Last 28 Days

Last 28 completed days (counting back from yesterday)

Last 100 Days

Last 100 completed days (counting back from yesterday)



The following key performance indicators are presented, and only reflect the period you selected.






Active Members

Number of members who made a purchase


New Members

Number of members who joined the program


Visit Frequency

Average number of purchases per member

 # visits/ # active members


Total revenue from purchases (total spend)



Number of purchases


Avg. Spend per Visit

Average amount spent per purchase

 sales/ # visits


Breakdown by Location

For each of the metrics, you can also view the breakdown of the numbers by location. The blue bar represents the current period, while the grey bar shows the previous one.


Members vs. Non-Members

By hovering over a metric box and clicking More details, you can also breakdown the total by members vs. non-members. This helps you better evaluable the effectiveness of your program.

Note: This breakdown is only available for purchase-related fields. In addition, data for non-members is only included in the total (and presented at all) if the POS actually sends it.



Monthly Trends

You can view your metrics as trends over time. This lets you zoom out to see patterns in your data and discover new growth opportunities. Data is present by month for a period of several years.

You can see which months were stronger and if there’s an overall growth or decline in a certain area (which can provide valuable insights for what to expect). For example, if visit frequency is increasing, this could suggest improvements in customer loyalty.


Business Insights

Using machine learning technology, business insights automatically presents top data highlights and smart recommendations which are based on your specific business needs and goals. Different insights are presented at different times so it’s always worth checking in to see what’s new. Insights cover a wide range of topics like sales, app engagement, benefit redemptions, registration, and more.


For example:

  • Discover your most successful benefit so you can upsell the more effective offers.
  • Uncover your peak days, and slowest days so you boost sales on these days.
  • Access app engagement and learn how to enhance it.
  • Find out what’s your best selling item, and what items they typically buy together with it.
  • Learn creative ways to boost registration and promote your loyalty program in your business




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