Member Consent to T&C

To ensure compliance with the GDPR and other privacy regulations, businesses can get the legally required consent from that their members. Since members that register via the app (or iFrame) automatically consent to program terms, these flows aim to get consent from members that are registered in other ways (via POS, API, import, or Hub).

Note: There is an option to get consent from members that register from external platforms via the registration API if it is enabled for this business. Contact support.

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Here are the highlights of the changes:

Consent Status

Ability to view and filter members according to a new consent status

New Landing Page

Allows members who register outside the app to complete details and consent by downloading the app, or directly via web form

App Login Screen

Screen directs members that log in without consent to the update form


New members who don’t consent (within grace period) can’t redeem benefits, get marketing SMS/email, view restricted app content or identify at the POS


To turn on or off consent SMS/email sent after registration or identification at POS, and customize the message text

New Action

Allows sending dedicated consent SMS/email to members from Filter Members


When a member consents, and from where they registered/updated details


For example, members who register outside the app get an SMS/email with a link to the landing page (see below)



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