SMS Logs & Source

Members can receive SMS messages in different ways—whether they are marketing SMS or operational ones.

Types of SMS
General SMS Logs
Dedicated SMS Logs
Subscribe & Unsubscribe Logs

Types of SMS

Members can receive different types of SMS messages, such as:

  • from Filter Members
  • from automations
  • to verify app login
  • to valiation phone in registration/update form
  • to verify identification in 3rd party platform (like ordering site)
  • to get a verification code to pay at POS
  • to get a joining code after purchasing a membership at the POS
  • to get a T&C consent SMS after registering via API or auto-register
  • to get a T&C consent SMS after identifying at the POS


General SMS Logs

SMS messages are processed in three stages:

  1. Como
  2. SMS provider
  3. device carrier.

The SMS logs indicate if the SMS was successfully delivered, and if not, what went wrong. From Filter Members, you can also use the SMS sent to member search filter based on these logs. You can drill down according to the source that initiated the request and the Status.





SMS sent to member (from <source>)

Como sent out the SMS, and which <source> initiated it:

  • POS—membership purchase flow, verification code
  • Automation
  • Hub – from Filter Members
  • Client—SMS validation for login/registration

Note: For the dedicated consent SMS, the source is POS even when they register via registration API. 


SMS failed to be sent to member (from <source>)

Como failed to send out the SMS, which was initiated from one of the sources described in the log above.

Failed to be sent

SMS status: pending delivery

The SMS provider sent the SMS to the device carrier (but it hasn’t been delivered yet)

Pending delivery

SMS status: delivery success

The device carrier sent out the SMS (which should mean that the device received it).

Delivery success

SMS status: delivery failure

The SMS message wasn’t delivered. Based on the preceding logs, you can understand at which stage the error occurred.  


Delivery failure


Dedicated SMS Logs




Request for T&C consent sent to member by SMS (from <source>)

Consent SMS was sent to member from:

POS – after registration via POS/API, or identification at POS

Hub – from Filter Members

Learn more about consent flows

Failed to send member identification code by SMS

There was an attempt to send the member their temp ID code (appClientId) by SMS so they can verify their identification on an external platform (like ordering site), but something went wrong.

Learn more about Self-Service API


Subscribe & Unsubscribe Logs




Subscribed to receiving marketing SMS

Member subscribed to SMS (Allow SMS=true) when they registered (via app, import, Hub, API) or when they updated their details from the app

Unsubscribed from receiving marketing SMS

Member unsubscribed from SMS from the unsubscribe link, or by reply

Unsubscribed (via Hub, API, import, or app) from receiving marketing SMS

Member was unsubscribed from:

  • Hub - from dedicated button in their member profile
  • App - registration/update form
  • Import Members - Allow SMS sent as No
  • Registration API - Allow SMS sent as No


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