Release Guide - May 2018

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Highlights - Generally Available

  • Consent to Program T&C
    To ensure compliance with the GDPR and other privacy regulations, we’ve created new processes to help businesses get the legally required consent from all their members. Learn how

  • Know Your Data

    To comply with the GDPR and other privacy regulations, members can request a report of all the data collected on them since they joined the program (or downloaded the app)—such as member details, member activity, and purchase history.

  • Right to be Forgotten
    When a member requests to have their personal data deleted from the new app screen (released in the last version), the business receives an email notification of their request. The membership key presented in the email is now clickable, and opens the member profile in the Hub. In addition, the new Delete Membership button in the Hub also now anonymizes all custom membership fields. Learn more

  • Accessibility in More Web Views

    To comply with IL accessibility regulations, accessibility features (including voice over, contrast and font size) are now supported for additional web views such as the My Activity screen (purchase history). In addition, for an improved user experience, only one fixed welcome message is displayed when the device has accessibility turned on.

  • Email Validation
    Businesses can use email as a primary member identifier, a communication channel, and a way to verify login through the app. The email address that the member enters into the registration/update form can now be validated by sending a code to them by email.
  • Removal of Old Accumulation Version
    The configuration for point accumulation from the Point/Credit Settings was removed, and accumulations should only be configured via automation.

  • Support for iPhone X

    Como-powered apps are now fully supported in iphone X—by ensuring that the app screens are displayed properly in full screen. This requires resubmission to the App Store.

  • Pop-up for Inactive Apps

    When an app user tries to open a como-powered app that was deactivated by the business, a pop-up is now displayed to notify the user that the app is no longer available.

  • Location List in Miles

    To find the nearest locations, members can sort their app location list by distance from the device. For the relevant territories (like the US and UK), this distance is now automatically displayed in miles.

  • My Activity - Purchase Details

    The My Activity screen allows members to view their purchase history, point transactions and credit transactions. They can now view more purchase details including the item name, quantity and amount, as well as tax and general discount if the POS sends it.

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