Phone & Email Validation

Businesses can use phone number or email as a primary member identifier, a communication channel, and a way to verify login through the app. The phone number or email address that the member enters into the registration/update form can be validated by sending a code to them by SMS or email. The business can decide to verify email or phone number on the registration/update form, but not both.

How It Works

  1. Member adds their phone/email to the registration form or update form, and submits.
  2. Member is sent a one-time code to their phone/email.
  3. Member enters the code into the app to verify the phone/email.

verify_email2.png   validation_code.png


Add Phone/Email Validation

  1. Make sure phone/email is a unique field for registration (which is a default for new businesses):


  2. From Business Profile > Registration, select the field you want to validate and then click on the checkbox Verify value.




  • If you select to verify both email and phone number, only phone number will be verified.
  • The sender name for the email is the business name.
  • For new businesses: email is a unique field for registration, and a mandatory field in the registration form by default (same is true for phone number).



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