Auto Customer Segmentation

Customers are automatically segmented according to our data—such as based on their purchase history and preferences. These segments are currently represented using tags, which you can view on a member's profile in the Hub, and use to build more targeted campaigns.


Tag Format

Auto segments appear as tags in the member's profile in the Hub. The auto segment format is: *Category|Type|Value*. For example: *Behavior|RFM|Champion*


Segment Categories

There are several types of segment categories, such as:

  • Behavior - buying habits, performance, campaign responsiveness, and more
  • Prediction - predicts future segments like VIP members
  • Personal - info offered by member like lifestyle (such as vegan), or lifestage (such as student)

Segment Type: Behavior

Here are some behavior-related segment types. 

Type Description
Days Since Last Visit

The number of days since the last time they made a purchase. Here are the possible values and their descriptions:

Value Description (# of Days)
0-6 0-6
7-13 7-13
14-29 14-29
1 Month 30-59
2 Months 60-89
3 Months 90-119
4 Months 120-149
5 Months 150-179
6 Months 180-209
7 Months 210-239
8 Months 240-269
9 Months Plus 270-364
Year Plus 365+
Never Visited Never Visited

Note: This tag is updated daily.


Segments created based on how much the member spents, and how recently and often they visit (Learn More):

Almost Loyal
Big Spenders
Big Spenders At Risk
Almost Lost

Note: This tag is updated monthly.



Segment Type: Personal

Here are some personal segment types. 

Type Description
Preferred Location

The branch that the member visited the most based on their purchase history (and taking into account the recency of the visits). If you're running a campaign for a specific location, you can use this to target members who favor this location.

  • If the relevant branch ID was added to the specific location (Content > Information > Locations), then the location name is used. If not, the ID is used. 
  • More weight is given to later visits (over the earlier ones) when determining a member's preferred location.
  • This tag is updated every 2 weeks.
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