My Activity Screen (Purchase History)

The My Activity screen allows members to view their purchase history, point transactions and credit transactions. They can even view purchase details including the item name, quantity and amount, as well as tax and general discount if the POS sends it.

Note: General discount includes discounts that the POS doesn’t allocate to specific items in the purchase (which are sent in totalGeneralDiscount field via the POS API).

To add the screen:

  1. From Content > Layout, add the My Activity preset layout block to any tile in an app screen.


  2. From Operation > Settings > Web Module Settings, select what to display from this screen.


Note: You can also create a custom layout block that opens the following URL:<Local_LocationID>&token=<user_token>&accessibility_high_contrast_enabled=<accessibility_high_contrast_enabled>&accessibility_large_text_size=<accessibility_large_text_size>


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