FAQ: How do I show a PDF in my app?

You can display PDFs and other files in your app such as a menu.

To show a PDF file in your app:

  1. From Content > Information > Files, click Choose Files and select the PDF.


  2. Copy the URL that was automatically created.

  3. From Content > Information > Web Views, create a web view for this link:
    1. Enter a name for internal use (only visible in the Como Hub).
    2. Enter a title for the web view to appear in the app.
    3. Paste the file URL you copied under Base URL and click Save.


  4. To open the PDF from a welcome message or a specific button (such as from a catalog or pop-up message), add the web view to button:


  5. To open the PDF directly from an app tile (such as from the Home Screen):
    1. From Content >Layout > Layout Blocks, click Add Item.
    2. Add a name (internal use), title and icon.
    3. Add the web view to the button action, and click Save.


    4. From Content > Layout, select the screen.
    5. Add the layout block to the tile and click Save.


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