FAQ: How do I create and send emails?

Create email campaigns to let members know about latest promotions or special offers, or send them emails individually based on their activity (like a "thank you" for a purchase). Learn More


Create Emails

Create and edit your custom email templates from Content > Email Templates:





Title (Name)

It is used internally for reference (ex: when choosing which template to send or in the member profile logs), and doesn’t appear in the email itself


It appears in all emails that use this template. You can add dynamic text with member or purchase details (ex: name) and emojis. We recommend not exceeding 62 characters.


You can design your content in various ways:

  • Image – All content is included in the image itself (including text), which you can also hyperlink to direct members to a URL when they click it.
  • Image + Text – Add text below the image, including a title and body with custom colors.
  • Code – Content is included in an HTML file

Note: The additional text or HTML can include dynamic text (membership & purchase)


Note: The email may appear differently in different email clients (ex: gmail, outlook)—including the spacing, emojis, custom text colors, etc. To preview your email before sending it to members, you can send yourself an email from Filter Members.

Send Emails

After creating your template, send emails from Find/Filter Members, Import User Keys or automations. You can preview the email subject (configured on the template itself) and the “from” name (configured in the email settings).



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