Create Rules for Campaigns

From the Campaign Center, create rules to automatically reward members, communicate with them, or operate your loyalty program.

For example:

  • Send members a gift after joining the program
  • Punch their punch cards or give them points for their purchases
  • Treat members after completing a survey
  • Send members a "thank you" push after they make a purchase


Article Topics:

Create Basic Rules
Create Advanced Rules
View Rule Analysis

Create Basic Rules

To create a basic rule:

  1. From your campaign, click + Activity and then Rule.


  2. Select a template from the template library, or select to start from scratch.


  3. Enter a name for your rule and optionally, add a description.

    Note: You cannot have more than one rule with the same name.


  4. Select a trigger for your rule (i.e., which member action or event will cause the action to occur).


  5. Optional: Add conditions to your rule.

    For example, specify member segments, dates, days, times, limits for how many times it can occur for each member in total or within a specific period of time, or other conditions based on the specific trigger you selected.


  6. Select actions to perform, and add the relevant details.


  7. Optional: You can delay the action to occur a specific period of time after the trigger (such as the day after a purchase), by clicking No Delay and specifying the delay time.


  8. To activate your rule, click Activate.

    Note: You also have the option to save it as a draft if you're not ready to activate it. You can also save it as a template to reuse again later.


Create Advanced Rules

You can create advanced rules by adding cases, or repeated actions.

You can split your rule to several cases to perform different actions in different scenarios. For example, you can perform different actions for different business locations, different days of the week, times of day, or member segments (such as student or VIP). Learn more about cases


For rules based on making a purchase, you can configure an action in Simple Mode or Repeat Mode.

In Simple Mode, all actions (except for point accumulation) will occur a fixed number of times for the specific purchase, regardless of what the member spends or how many items they buy. For example, give members a coupon when they spend over $100. 

In Repeat Mode, you can allow the action to repeat several times for the same purchase based on what the member spends and how many items they buy. For example, give them a coupon EACH time they spend $100 in this purchase. This means that if the member spends $200 in this purchase, they will receive 2 coupons. Learn more



View Rule Analysis

View KPIs of rules to measure their success—such as how many times a rule was applied and for how many distinct members.



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