Use & Save Templates

When creating a dealrule, one-time, or gift in your Campaign Center, start from scratch or choose a template from our rich template library. You can even add your own templates to use again later. Templates not only provide a faster and easier setup, they can give you great ideas for activities to create.

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Load Templates
Create Templates
Edit or Delete Templates

One-Time Templates

Load Templates

To create an activity using a template:

  1. After selecting to create an activity, choose which template you'd like to use:


  2. After the template is loaded, customize it according to your needs.

    For example, add relevant details like which benefits, which items for discounts, which locations, which days, etc.

  3. Once you're done customizing it, click Activate.

    Note: You can also save it as a draft, or even click Save as template to create a new template based on your customizations.


Create Templates

To create a new template:

  1. When you create a deal or rule, click Save as template to save it as a template.


  2. Enter a template name and description. Then click Save.


  3. If you're ready to use it now, click Activate. In any case, your template is added to the template library, which you can see when you select to create an activity.


Edit or Delete Templates

From the template library, you can edit the template name or description, or delete a template.



You can edit the template itself by loading it, making changes and then clicking Save as template. To edit your existing template click Replace. To create a new template, click Save as new template.



One-Time Templates

One-time activity templates cannot be created for a predefined group of members. Otherwise, each time the template is used, the action will be performed on the exact same members. When creating a template, specify your filter criteria and click Save filter criteria. When you are ready to use the template, click Filter Now to select the exact members who meet your criteria.


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